Who we are?

We are a company formed by Mr. Balasubramanian who has got rich experience of about 20 years in the areas of Business Consulting, Process Automation, Software, IT, Client Engagements, Coaching, Mentoring and Training. Mr. Balasubramanian is trained by Image Consulting Business Institute, a premier institute in the areas of Image Consulting and Fashion Styling. He is also trained Master Practitioner in the areas of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Happy Solutions for Ever!

We offer Individual Solutions and corporate Solutions customized for each requirement. We have devised methodology involving Image Management & NLP to get 360 degree change in one personality.

As mentioned earlier, we provide consulting services in the areas of Business, Management, Personality, Soft skills, Stress Removal, Conflict Management, Crisis Management, Transaction Analysis and so on.

We offer consulting services only after understanding your requirement, which means it is totally customized and scientific. We know same medicine will not work for every body.

Same way, the workshops & trainings we offer is also based on  your requirement and mostly it is experiential learning and NLP based.  This means, you will get the value for what you come for. 

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Otherwise you can pick up your phone to call us at 8939948971, Chennai, India.